Unique timber

Some companies just like to sell Oak, we think that's a bit boring. That's why at Albion Timber, we have a wide selection of British hardwoods to choose from. Not only that, we also pride ourselves in having all manner of weird and wonderful blocks, blanks and boards. Our stocks of such pieces can be short lived and limited, so if you want something you can't just get off the shelf (or anywhere else, for that matter) then you'd better be quick. For this reason it can be hard to keep an updated list online of all our unique timbers that doesn't become incomplete or out of date. 

So, we suggest if you're looking for some interesting wood, give us a call, visit our yard and have a browse in person.

Examples of Unique Timber we often stock include:

  • Burr Oak chunks up to 32" wide

  •  Burr Yew boards

  •  28"+ wide Yew Boards

  • Ash, Elm and Alder burrs

  • Giant redwood slabs (very large as you can imagine).

  • Pitch pine beams and planks

  • Reclaimed Oak flooring boards 

  • 48" wide Sycamore boards.

  • Laburnum boards (hard to find in suitable milling sizes)

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